About Us

G BLOG is a prominent supplier of alternative dispute resolution services with a focus on conflict resolution.

The G BLOG specialises in alternative conflict resolution and mediation (ADR). We are a non-profit organisation that operates independently and is a recognised charity.

Our mission is to equip society with the skills and solutions necessary for productive discourse and to create lasting change.

To do this, we employ four primary strategies:

  • Educating the public about mediation through events, programmes, and services.
  • Individuals, corporations, and other organisations can use our services to resolve disputes.
  • We have educated over 5,000 mediators globally to date.
  • Offering consulting services to organisations in order to assist them in preventing and resolving conflict.

We’re here to assist you whether you’re an individual customer, a corporation, or another type of organisation.

Our Vision

Our Vision is that improved conflicts result in improved outcomes, which ultimately results in a better world.

We were disruptors long before disruptors had a name. We have carried on that history by defining our own course as the contemporary face of mediation and conflict resolution.

We motivate individuals to reframe conflict in new ways, presenting it as a chance to improve results and build a better society.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide society with the skills and tools necessary for effective discussion and conflict resolution.

Our Values

Through our principles of Humanity, Independence, Tenacity, and Transformation, we treat people as people and exhibit this in all we do.